Levels and Game Difficulty

Kav's ELT Games are designed for everyone to enjoy:

young and old

beginner and advanced

Each game can be played different ways, allowing for a wide range of language learners.

For example,

In Time to Time, the phrases and icons are color coded so beginners can match the phrases to the correct icon without difficulty. Beginners can then practice reading the time phrases and learn its correct timing (past, present or future) without needing any knowledge of verb tenses. Intermediate and advanced players, however, should make sentences or questions with the correctly corresponding tense.

Each card in Things That has three example pictures for beginners or kids who have difficulty thinking of examples for the adjective or verb. (The same picture might appear on more than one card.) More advanced players can play with these pictures "off limits," i.e., they can not be used as hints in the game.

Monsters with Balloons is essentially a set of fun and versatile flashcards. Each card is unique with various features appropriate to various lessons and levels. The game box includes instructions for three different games. "Concentration," the easiest of these games, requires only the 5 words the player is attempting to match (either studying feelings: "happy, sad, angry, sleepy, surprised" or shapes: "round/circle, square, triangle, star, heart). Intermediate and advanced players, however, can focus on describing body parts, adjective word order, etc.

Brainstorm is fun for everyone (including teachers!) but can be challenging to beginner students with limited vocabularies. However, since the cards within the game range in difficulty, as do the letters of the alphabet, beginner students can still enjoy playing the game. For advanced students, setting a 10 second window for each answer can add an exciting element to the game. (Instead of the turn-based game, try playing where the fastest player at the table to answer gets the card!)